Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform (SDP) is designed specifically to create a strong data first foundation for your infrastructure – allowing for endless scaling towards innovation in the future. With SDP, all data, regardless of source or type, is ingested into one engine and transformed into unified streams for easy implementation, management, security, scalability and application development. With auto-tiering storage and unlimited retention, the same paradigm can be used to access both real-time and historical events stored in the platform for simultaneous analysis.

What's a Code Hub?

The purpose of this Code Hub is to provide customers, developers, and integrators with a common place to find articles, guides and sample code so that they can get started developing applications and integrating with the Streaming Data Platform product and Pravega streaming storage.

On this site

... you will find articles and references to open-source sample code, connectors, and in some cases, complete ready-to-use demo applications for common data analysis scenarios on Streaming Data Platform using Pravega, Flink, and even some integrations with other technologies. However, you will not find application downloads, SDP product downloads, or any proprietary or commercial source code.

Where to get additional help

The articles posted here should help you get started, but if you need more help, feel free to reach out to the author[s] of a particular post, or better yet, to the original developer[s] of the code through their project's repository (i.e. github, gitlab, etc.) Each post will have a link to it's associated code repository.

How can we make this site better?

If you have an idea to improve this site, simply open an issue in the github repository.

Also, if you would like to contribute a post, you can find instructions and guidelines in the github readme.


Get started building your applications and solutions on Streaming Data Platform.

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