Pravega Flink Connectors

Enable Flink to read and write Pravega streams

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This post introduces connectors to read and write Pravega Streams with Apache Flink stream processing framework.

The connectors can be used to build end-to-end stream processing pipelines (see Samples) that use Pravega as the stream storage and message bus, and Apache Flink for computation over the streams.

Features & Highlights

  • Exactly-once processing guarantees for both Reader and Writer, supporting end-to-end exactly-once processing pipelines

  • Seamless integration with Flinkā€™s checkpoints and savepoints.

  • Parallel Readers and Writers supporting high throughput and low latency processing.

  • Table API support to access Pravega Streams for both Batch and Streaming use case.



To learn more about how to build and use the Flink Connector library, follow the connector documentation here.

More examples on how to use the connectors with Flink application can be found in Pravega Samples repository.


Flink connectors for Pravega is 100% open source and community-driven. All components are available under Apache 2 License on GitHub.

Post on 02 Apr 2020