Pravega Client Examples

Pravega Client Examples

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These examples show how to initialize and use the Pravega Client to write and read data to/from a Pravega Stream in Java.


  1. Pravega must be running (see here for instructions)
  2. Clone the pravega-samples repository
  3. Build pravega-samples (details)

Please note that after building pravega-samples, all the executables used here are located in:


Examples included

  • gettingstarted
    • A HelloWorld example of reading and writing with the client
  • consolerw
    • A console reader and writer pair
  • noop
    • Simple reader that outputs stream statistics
  • statesynchronizer
    • Illustrates how to make use of Pravega‚Äôs state synchronizer to share state in a distributed application
  • streamcuts
    • Shows how to use streamcuts (identifying specific points in the stream)
  • secure
    • Shows how to use TLS and credentials



Post on 25 Feb 2020